Scan2Mail Software - The Modern FAX

Do you need to email paper documents more often?

Yes, then you are in the right place with our Scan2Mail tool to save your precious time and reduce your effort.
With our tool Scan2Mail you simplify and speed up the sending of letters enormously.
  1. Step: Insert document into the scanner.
  2. Step: Start the software, select the recipient's address and press the "Scan & Send" button.
  3. Step: Simply confirm the automatically created finished mail in your MAPI-compatible e-mail program (e.g. Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird)  with the attached PDF/A document.
and the process is finished, easier than a FAX.

Multi-page or double-sided documents are supported when using Duplex and Autofeed Scanner. Blank pages are automatically removed. High compatibility is ensured with conversion to a PDF/A document.
 Screenshot Scan2Mail

No detours via the Windows clipboard or additional PDF printers are necessary.

Free download

Limitations of the unregistered version

If we have convinced you, please activate your licence at the price of 19,- Euro incl. VAT.

Compatibility list (We have tested these components for you in our test lab)

1. scanner
  - Fujitsu FI-6xxxx and FI-5xxxx
    - Brother MFC8870DW
    - Canon P 150
    - AGFA SNAPSCAN Touch (Windows 2000 only)

2. operating systems (MS Windows 2000 and above only):
3. e-mail clients
Incompatibility list (no claim to completeness)

1. scanner
   - unknown

2. e-mail clients

    - Windows 7 Mail

Please send us  the software and hardware combination you are using so that we can add it to the list or in case you have difficulty analysing your problem.


Question: Why do I get the message: "Unable to scan. No Pages were written to file.


Scan2Mail automatically tries to detect empty pages. A threshold is set for this in the configuration. The scanned page has been detected as a "blank page", the threshold value is too large in this case.

Question: The licence code received is not accepted.


Question: Why is mail not being sent with Outlook lately?


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